Outdoor Activities

Target Sports

All our equipment is competition-standard and all tuition give by our team of professional instructors.  

Please email or phone us for a quote to suit your objectives and your budget.

We will provide a discounted package price for your event once we know your exact requirements.

Risk assessments are provided for each activity on request.

We will meet you at your chosen venue if required to discuss the location of your activities and the event logistics.

Traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting
We recommend a ratio of one instructor per 5 guests to avoid unnecessary waiting time between shots, and we use a low recoil cartridge with bio degradable wadding.
Both 12 and 20 bore shotguns are provided, which guests shoot from safety cages under one to one tuition, with ear protection provided.
We can cater for both experienced and novice shots by setting up an appropriate shoot layout.
Electronic Laser Clay Shooting
This is a simulated clay pigeon shooting system, which can take five or ten players shooting simultaneously, firing traditional 12 bore shotguns, modified to hold electronic components inside the barrel. Everyone fires at the same clay pigeon, which has reflective tape around its rim, and which is fired from a conventional clay shooting trap.

On pulling the gun trigger, the gun emits an infra red beam, which, if it hits the tape on the clay, scores a hit via a large LCD scoreboard.
Clay Shooting
Under guidance from one of our professional instructors, and wearing arm protectors, guests will learn how to aim for the gold. We provide a range of bows with varying pulling weights for both left and right handed archers.
We also have children’s bows.
Archery x 4 stands
Using our Barnett Wildcat crossbows, guests will learn how to aim and shoot under the guidance of our professional instructors.
Axe Throwing
We supply double headed axes of differing throwing weights, and hand protection. It is actually harder than it looks!
Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range
We have a wide range of air rifles and pistols which guests learn to shoot at various static and moving targets.
Laser Tag
Laser Tag is the modern and clean way to play paintball style games. Our phaser guns fire lasers with a range of approx 75m outdoors or 15 metres indoors. Visual and sound effects, together with real time scoring.
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