Outdoor Activities

Motorised and Other Ideas

All our equipment is regularly maintained and well presented and all tuition given by our team of professional instructors.  

Risk assessments are provided for each activity on request.  

We provide a speedy reply to your event enquiry with full costs and ideas to meet your event objectives and budget.

Power Turns
These vehicles are impossible to drive – they have two separate engines, one on each wheel, operated by their own accelerator, so to travel in a straight line you need to power each motor to the same level!
It is designed to automatically wheelie above a certain low speed, with dragster style wheel stabilisers at the back to prevent it tipping right over. Two vehicles provided on a specially designed circuit.
These single seater, joystick controlled hovercraft are such fun and each comes with instructors on a specially constructed circuit.
The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is unique – there has never been anything similar before. It is a self-balancing personal transportation device which harnesses some of the most advanced, thoroughly tested technology ever created. The model that we run is the Segway X2 which is the latest specification off road version.
They come complete with rugged looking wheel arches, alloy wheels and huge inflatable off road tyres. The machines can operate on grass or hard standing.
Quad bikes
Three 250 cc quad bikes with instructors and all bikes necessary personal safety equipment on a specially constructed circuit.
Argo Cats
These eight-wheeled vehicles are amphibious in nature and are controlled by an unusual skid/steer mechanism.
Ideal for exploring wet ground.
Blindfold 4 x 4 & Reverse Steer
Guests will negotiate a 4 x 4 around a specially constructed circuit blindfolded and guided by their team mates.
Reverse Steer: This is definitely not as easy as it looks and hilarious for the spectators !!
Our professional falconer will display his birds of prey for guests to view and will then perform a flying demonstration during which there is plenty of opportunity for audience participation. Guests will see how to handle the birds and how to lure the birds in for food. The types of birds displayed would be: snowy owls, lanner and peregrine falcons, hawks, eagles -The audience will be amazed by the speed of the falcons, stunned by the size of the eagles and amused by the vultures’ antics.
Sheepdog and Duck Herding
Our professional shepherd will show guests how to herd Indian runner ducks and geese into pens and other hides using his two trusty sheepdogs. Each guest will be given their own dog whistle (a difficult implement in itself to master !!) as everyone takes their turn.
Ferret Racing
Meet your ferret heroes: “Cheeky Chainsaw Charlie”, The Infamous “Johnny Knuckles”, The Mean “Big Bad Bubba” The Perfect Gentleman “Polecat Pete” and a host of others. Each member of the team will have to listen carefully to the instructor as they go through the strengths and weaknesses of each runner to choose which ferret, racing to the tune of the “Lone Ranger”, will ultimately take the chequered flag.
Dog Agility
Guests will interact with the dogs on a fun agility course and meet Archie the poodle, who is a real character and loves to be awarded a sausage for his agility skills.

The event is informative and great fun.
Our instructor will orchestrate games of croquet and we provide all necessary equipment. Watch out – it can be fiercely competitive.
9 hole Crazy Golf
A fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon for all ages.
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