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Code Breaker Challenge Formats and Venues

We have several venues, listed below, where we have written a special Code Breaker Challenge which embraces all the interesting features and attributes of that location. If you select a venue for which we do not have one in place, then we will create a challenge for you at no extra cost:
























In addition we have a similar format, The Brainer Challenge, which is simply based indoors, and for those days where you wish to have time out for an activity but time is limited, we have The Photo Scavenger Hunt.

  • Hartwell House

  • Danesfield House

  • Pendley Manor

  • Stoke Park

  • Stoke Place

  • Warren Weir

  • Manchester

  • Stony Stratford

  • Marston Vale Forestry Centre

  • Horsted Place

  • Oakley Court

  • London Zoo

  • Twycross Zoo

  • Woburn Safari Park

  • The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park

  • Bicester Golf and Country Club

  • Stone Manor

  • Tylney Hall

  • Luton Hoo

  • Towcester Race Course

  • The Royal College of Surgeons

  • Horwood House

  • Heritage Motor Centre

  • Chesford Grange

  • Chicheley Hall

  • Fawsley Hall

TSC Events Code Breaker Team Group Photo
TSC Events Code Breaker Team Activity at ZSL London Zoo
Code Breaker Team Activities Group Photo
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