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Team Code Breaker Challenge Overview











The TSC Team Code Breaker is a specially written, fun and intelligent, cerebral and practical team building scenario in the style of a team treasure hunt, but with many twists and turns along the way.

The Code Breaker has proved to be a highly successful format, relying on team co-operation and

planning.  The event can be tailored by us to fit around your own business agenda, and can accommodate groups of all sizes.  The activity is fully inclusive for all members of staff and does not involve strenuous movement or getting dirty or wet !

Many business skills are deployed or learnt during the team tasks: Time management  /  Planning  Team work  /  Communication  /  Decision Making  /  Motivation  /  Leadership ... and having fun !

The mission has been devised for delegates to work in teams to answer a series of questions, some of which are cunningly written in code, with the end objective of discovering the location of a chest of rich treasures hidden somewhere on site.

But before that final discovery is made, the teams will visit all parts of your chosen venue in order to decipher and answer the clues contained in the “mission passport” and to undertake practical tasks upon meeting “mission agents” lurking in the grounds.

Please go to the next page for some additional information about Code Breaker Challenge formats and venues plus an explanatory video using ZSL London Zoo as a sample venue.

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