Daytona Karting - click for dates
Dates :
4 Oct /1, 8 and 22 Nov / 6.13 and 20 Dec 2017 The International circuit is 1360m comprising 11 corners, some of which are very technical and straights of various lengths. The International circuit suits racers of all abilities from beginners to serious enthusiasts and is widely considered to be one of the best circuits in the UK.
Team racing – drivers share a kart in a relay style. Teams must work together swapping over during the session. Check out the video link.
Simply Race - click for dates
Dates :
18 and 25 Oct / 29 Nov 2017
All of the 15 interactive simulators allow for racing against other drivers in the same room. Have you ever been able to race your friends in an Aston Martin Vantage GTE before? No? Well now you can. This fantastic part of our professional simulators allows you to feel the rumble given by a screaming V8 engine as you race around the track. By allowing you to feel this level of detail, our simulators immerse you in your environment. Check out the video link.
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