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Batak Pro

Featured regularly on TV and used by Arsenal & Manchester United as a training aid Batak Pro is a fast game which tests your hand to eye co-ordination with the speed of your reactions and is also a fun way to help you keep fit mentally and physically. During the sixty second game, twelve red cluster LED’s will flash on randomly. The player must respond by hitting them, thus putting them out as fast as possible whilst the time ticks away.  

The score mounts up on the integral electronic score board.

Manx TT Superbikes

Welcome to the exciting world of TT Racing!

Based on the world famous Isle of Man TT Race, this simulator faithfully reproduces, in superb detail, all the thrills and spills of a high speed race around the original Isle of Man course.

By far the most impressive motorcycle simulator on the market, the Manx TT incorporates the very latest in RGB technology, capturing in fantastic detail all the narrow streets, mountain passes, picturesque villages, and much much more! 

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