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The International circuit is 1360m in length comprising 11 corners, some of which are very technical and straights of various lengths. The International circuit suits racers of all abilities from beginners to serious enthusiasts and is widely considered to be one of the best circuits in the UK.


         Team racing – drivers share a kart in a relay style.
         Perfect for larger groups, this is the epitome of team building formats.Teams must work together to            plan their race strategy and tactics, and must work as a well-oiled unit when it comes to driver                    changes and refuelling pit stops! All team members initially take their turn to practice and set their              best lap in an attempt to clinch pole position for their team.


        sole exclusive use of the track for your group

        all necessary safety equipment – helmet, suit and glove

        a thorough format and safety briefing

        Trophies for the top 3 Drivers / Team Members and photos of the podium trophy presentation.

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